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Multiple Namespaces with ActiveAdmin

A step by step guide on how to manage multiple namespaces in ActiveAdmin

MKVToolnix for Mac

A short how-to to install MKVtoolinx using homebrew

SAS Macros - The Python way

Using jinja2 template engine to replicate SAS macro functionality in Python

Gentle introduction to SASpy

An initial overview of SASpy

Reading large SAS datasets in Python

Read large datasets in chunks

Beware when using Proc Copy with Pandas

How to deal with file encodings

Read SAS datasets in Python

A short intro on how to read SAS datasets using Pandas

Change autoincrement id in Rails using Postgresql

A nice trick to change starting number id

Chester City crime in numbers

An excercise on presenting data

How to customize Radix's css

5 quick Beginner-friendly css tips for Radix

Radix: The joy of Blogging

How Rstudio::Radix has brought back the joy of tecnhical blogging!

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