Chester City crime in numbers

An excercise on presenting data

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I was looking at some crime statistics for Chester City and was really dissappointed when I saw how terrible was the data presented in POLICE.UK that I felt compelled to make an excercise on how I would have shown this information.

Here is the link for Chester City report so you can compare and agree or disagree with me.

Comparison of crime types in this area between September 2017 and August 2018

The image below shows how POLICE.UK has presented the data. The first challenge when looking at this chart is the ability to recognize patterns. The top 5 crime types are easily spotted but it gets a lot harder as you (the viewer) go down the ladder. The main problem here is that crime type has been ordered alphabetically.

Let’s look again at the chart but this time reordered by the numbers of crime. It so obvious to intepretate the information presented. No need to go the extra mile to understand it.

Let’s look at the next chart.

Comparison of outcomes in this area between September 2017 and August 2018

I am not 100% against pie charts however I would not use them with more than 3 categories. It seems like the developer’s decision has been made as “I have already used a barchart - let’s try something else here”. i personally think a barchart or a waffle chart would have made a better option here.

Barchart option:

Waffle option:

A waffle chart is a square pie!

As data analyst one must think about the message that you want to send across, the audience who will consume this information - people data literacy hugely varies so having this in mind will help on deciding best practices.


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